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            PRO MAINTECH  CONSULTANCY INC.  is the new company name of the former CMMS & MAINTENANCE CONSULTANCY established in 1998. It is organized primarily to engage in the development and implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management System ( CMMS) including consultancy on maintenance system, audit, evaluation, formulation of corrective actions & strategies, implementation of productivity and quality management programs. Later, the company expanded to include trading of analytical, medical , dental and biomedical supplies and equipments. This section is being manage by one of the directors with expertise in Chemistry.


•    PRO MAINTECH CONSULTANCY, INC. ( PMCI )  engages in different Maintenance & Engineering consultancy jobs in several   companies in the implementation of maintenance management system,  energy conservation & waste reduction programs,  performance metrics and  other related management productivity & quality programs. 

•    PRO MAINTECH CONSULTANCY, INC. ( PMCI ) engages in  training  on Maintenance Management System specifically on modern maintenance techniques and strategies including total quality management system.

•    PRO MAINTECH CONSULTANCY, INC. ( PMCI ) engages in the  development, computerization and implementation of maintenance management system, total quality management system, energy conservation management system and other productivity programs.

•    PRO MAINTECH CONSULTANCY, INC. ( PMCI ) is active in  management organizations like Maintenance Association of the Phils,  Phil Society of Mechanical engineers, etc  as facilitator or resource speaker during the organization conference or  seminars.

•    PRO MAINTECH CONSULTANCY, INC. (PMCI) offers analytical , medical, dental and biomedical solutions by way of providing the  specific companies with equipment,  glassware and supplies necessary to better perform their functions.

•    PRO MAINTECH CONSULTANCY, INC. (PMCI) engages in intensive  laboratory training; training on Instrumental methods of testing, cGLP and  on Analytical Methods  Development and Validation.